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ETS Racing Fuels is a brand of the HCS Group which develops, produces, and delivers high performance racing fuels.

With highly specific molecules and tight tolerance formulations the end product supplied enables the race industry to meet the highest level of performance.

We also support federation & ASN by supplying control fuels globally. Manufacturing sites include France, UK, Germany, and the US to better facilitate distribution worldwide.

Our passion for motorsports drives the ETS Racing Fuels team to develop top performing products and services, lead innovative solutions, and earn multiple wins over a decade across many racing disciplines.



The ETS Racing Fuels product portfolio is well known for achieving excellent performance and offering great added value to many high-profile teams. To meet the needs of a broader audience, we have developed a wider portfolio to include more affordable fuels. Depending on your needs you can select one of our racing fuels in the following categories

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ExtraBlaze is the perfect fuel for racing and performance enthusiasts who are looking for great performance as well as good value. With most of the fuels in the ExtraBlaze range based on 98% pure synthetic molecules, it is high quality without the high price nor are you required to adjust your engine tune.

PowerBlaze strikes the perfect balance between high-performance and moderate pricing. With all products in the range based on 98% pure synthetic molecules, you will see big performance gains. A true racing fuel, most of the products within the PowerBlaze range will benefit from engine tuning.

UltraBlaze is our highest performance, professional-grade competition fuel used by some of the most winning teams in racing. Its no-compromise formulation uses exotic molecules and our most technologically advanced additives to extract the maximum performance from dedicated racing engines with specialized tunes.


Call for Price

With very high batch-to-batch consistency, this fuel is a blend of hydrocarbons & with purity > 98 % and is ethanol free.

CLASSIC RACING can be used in 2 and 4-stroke engines, naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines. Its high octane number helps to avoid any knocking problems in older high-compression ratio engines. Users of this fuel found great smoothness driving their vehicles. This fuel is ethanol free, but its oxygen content helps with engine cooling. This fuel can be stored in your vehicle’s tank for longer periods without generating any deposits or gums.

This fuel contains valve seats anti-recession additive dedicated for use in engines where valves seats are not reinforced and cannot run with unleaded fuel. Potassium additives is a lead substitute additive.


Fuel Type

Unleaded Gasoline





Oxygen Content



759 kg/m3