Stilo ST5 FN Composite Helmet In White & Stand21 Club Series FHR Device Package

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This helmet and FHR package has been put together by Demon Tweeks to offer a more cost effective solution to purchasing the items separately. The package includes a Stilo ST5 FN full face helmet and Stand21 Club Series FHR device.


Stilo ST5 FN Composite Helmet

The Stilo ST5 range of helmets have been developed after meticulous and inexhaustible research for perfection. Pushing the standards of safety and quality even further, the Stilo ST5 is now the benchmark for all competitors.

Improving upon the previous ST4 (which is still a very good helmet), the new model is lighter, uses a smaller shell, has increased vision with a visor which lifts fully out of line of sight, is more comfortable, has better aerodynamics, has better ventilation and uses a new visor locking clasp which can easily be operated with just one hand. Another important first is the large size helmet now uses the small shell size which in turn means more competitors fit into the smaller, lighter and more aerodynamic small shell size.

This Snell approved ST5 FN Composite helmet comes without any side ports and without any fitted microphones or electronics. The removal of the side ports offer a sleeker more aerodynamic profile. Designed for racing in open top cars the helmet comes as standard with a clear full visor, although a short sun shade is available as an option making it ideal for use in a saloon or GT racing.


Stilo ST5 FN Composite – This helmet is not fitted with any electronics or side ports.


Snell SA2015 & FIA 8859-2015 Approved


Stand21 Club Series FHR Device

The Club range of FHR devices from Stand21 are a fantastic value entry level solution for racers looking for an FHR system on a budget, without compromising safety. The Club range of FHR devices are constructed from a honeycomb thermoplastic which helps to keep the weight down and allows it to pass the FIA test requirements. Standard features include a sliding tether system for less restrictive movement and shoulder pads for better comfort. A fitment guide is also included.

Available in 20 degree recline which is suitable for saloon cars or other cars with upright seating positions.

The Club range of FHR devices are available in two different sizes –

• M/L – Fits collar size 15″-18″ (38-45.5cm).

• L/XL – Fits colar sizes above 18″ (45.5cm).

Weight 950g (1050g including padding and tethers)

FIA 8858-2010 Approved

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